About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at the Tucson Urban League is to advance the economic and social prosperity for African Americans and other underserved Tucson area residents by creating access to opportunity through advocacy, community partnerships, and other supportive programs and services. Our three part strategy for pursuing this mission is:

  • Ensuring that our young children are well educated and equipped for economic self reliance in the 21st century
  • Helping adults attain economic self sufficiency through reliable employment, affordable home ownership, entrepreneurship, and strategies for wealth accumulation
  • Ensuring and exercising our civil rights by eradicating all barriers to equal participation in the economic and social mainstream of America

Tucson Urban League Values Statement

  1. Integrity: We will be truthful, reliable, and proud of our conduct and decisions. Our communications will be open and transparent. We are committed to avoid all actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
  2. Excellence: Our goal is to be an exemplary community organization that delivers superior client service. We will strive to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers.
  3. Accountability: Programs, services, and operations will be managed to meet organizational objectives and measurable outcomes. We will keep our promises to our internal and external partners, clients, investors, stakeholders, and the community.
  4. Inclusiveness: We view diversity as an advantage and respect the rights and difference of our staff members, clients, stakeholders, and communities. Collaborative methods will be utilized as a tool to acquire resources and delivery services and programs.
  5. Sustainability: We are committed to acquiring and leveraging knowledge to ensure the organization’s continued viability, effectiveness, and responsiveness. The acquisition of knowledge and information will keep us relevant and entrepreneurial. We will build long-term community relationships and keep abreast of client and community needs.
  6. Flexibility: We, as an elastic organization, will maintain our ability to be innovative, fluid, and respond effectively to the needs of our staff, clients, and community.

Our Organization’s History

The Tucson Urban League, an affiliate of the National Urban League, is an interracial, non-partisan community service organization using methods of social work, economics, law, business, and other disciplines to help secure equality for all Americans in every sector of our society. A Tucson Chamber of Commerce committee, led by Henry Quinto, founded the Tucson Urban League in 1971 as a response to a significantly high unemployment rate among Tucson minorities. Tucson Urban League became the 97th affiliate of the National Urban League, and has become a leading force in creating change for minorities in southern Arizona.

Our Organization’s Board

Interim CEO


Dr. Damond T. Holt, Chair

Pastor, Pilgrim Rest / IMA, President

Molly Gilbert, Vice Chair

Director of University & Community Engagement
UA Tech Park

Sam Brown, Board Member

Tucson Unified School District

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our organization or the services we provide to the underprivileged throughout the Tucson community, please contact us today!