Financial Empowerment Center (FEC)

Financial Empowerment Workshops

The Tucson Urban League is proud to offer educational and informational to the general public at our location at
3425 E Grant Rd, just west of N. Palo Verde Avenue. Anyone who wants to improve their financial situation is welcome to attend these workshops, where experienced financial experts will share tips and strategies for improving your credit score, how to save for financial emergencies, how to save money for a house, how to set achievable financial goals, making good financial and life choices, and much more. These financial empowerment workshops are specially structured to support underprivileged Tucson region residents and reinforce our mission to reduce and eliminate poverty within our community.


3425 E Grant Rd, just west of N. Palo Verde Avenue


Thursdays 10am – Noon

Topics of Future Classes

  • Learn more about your credit and why it’s so important
  • How to better manage your money
  • How to set achievable goals
  • The basics of banking services: an important step in financial independence
  • Understanding the basics of credit scoring
  • Avoiding common credit traps
  • Restoring your credit after times of financial hardship

Have Questions?

All are welcome to attend our financial empowerment workshops, but if you would like to learn more about upcoming workshops before you attend one, we invite you to contact Johanna Duffek for more information.

791-9522 x102