Your Help Empowers Your Community

Dear Friend of the Tucson Urban League,

I’m excited to announce that the Tucson Urban League will be offering more robust and integrated services for families facing chronic poverty that focus on long-term change, prevention, and serving more families.

Unfortunately, poverty in Tucson is bigger than what we can accomplish with our several anti-poverty programs. For instance, over the past year we recognized that in the Utility and Rental Assistance program, 60% of our customers were returning every year for emergency services. This told us that we weren’t achieving our mission of economic empowerment for these families. In response, TUL will launch The Financial Empowerment Center (FEC), an integrated service delivery model, to assist low-income families to reach financial stability, increase their net worth, and become financially secure and upwardly mobile. The goals are to help families earn more, keep more of what they earn, begin to build savings and assets, and move up the economic ladder.

Tucson Urban League is a Qualified Charitable Organization for purposes of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, also known as the “Working Poor Tax Credit.” The tax credit allows you to receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state income tax when you give to a qualifying charity such as Tucson Urban League.

Our 45 years of experience have shown us what works for struggling families and we are ready to draw on our strengths and make a bigger impact. The FEC model is designed to build on the organization’s existing economic empowerment and family support programs to develop the full complement of core service elements in the FEC pathways: Employment Path, 2) Financial and Asset Building Path, and 3) Education Path.

More Robust Integrated Core Services:

  1. Bridges Out of Poverty Getting Ahead Workshops: All customers will participate in 45 hour workshops that help individuals living in poverty build their resources for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families, and their communities;
  2. Employment and Career Development, including individual development plans, job readiness education, occupational skills training, job placement, transitional jobs, and career advancement.
  3. Comprehensive Financial literacy workshops, financial coaching, and access to an IDA program to save to purchase a home, start a business or post-secondary education;
  4. Education: Access to post-secondary education; and
  5. Income supports, including access to public benefits, healthcare, childcare, etc.

Our goal is aggressive

Sixty five (65) percent of the people we serve in our anti-poverty programs are single mothers. Therefore, we want to serve 500 single mothers over the next three years and we need your help. Please use your AZ Tax credit to invest in these women. Investments in women are investments in Tucson, Pima County, and Arizona.

If you file a single tax return, your credit can be up to $200; for joint filers, up to $400. This total can be made up of multiple donations and is in addition to the public and private school education tax credits. Naturally, you can choose to make larger gifts of $500, $1,000 even $2,500 or more and still get the tax credit applicable to your filing status – in effect, lowering the out-of-pocket cost of your gift and having the full amount of your gift deductible for federal tax purposes! Every gift, large and small is needed and appreciated!